"Website visitors increased 250%. Website pageviews shot up an incredible 500%! We're ranked #1 in over a dozen key search engine criteria."

Can you say this about your website? C'mon, give us a call...or click here to see how we exceeded Paul's expectations.

"Complete Marketing's strategies were so effective, I had to expand into two cities and hire more staff!"

Want to see what we did to help Jon's company grow so fast? Check out our Results page!

Small business owner? Don't have one of these? You're in luck: Now you can afford small business marketing!

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"In less than a year, Complete Marketing helped us grow from concept to being a nationwide retailer!"

We helped Jeri exceed almost every marketing and sales goal she could dream up. What about your business?

"We went from #23 in the search rankings to #3...in one year!"

Visit our Results page to see how Jerry's store rapidly roared past its competitors.

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"Should you hire an in-house marketing staff or outsource your marketing operations?"


The Best Option for Marketing
Your Small Business

You have three options to market your small business: Do it yourself, hire a marketing director or an expensive agency. Now there's a fourth (and better) option: Outsource!


A Full Spectrum of
Marketing Services

You get a wide selection of inbound, outbound and traditional marketing services, including web and content development, SEO, email marketing, video production, social media and more!


Surpass Your Own Business
Growth Expectations

More website visitors, more leads, more products sold, more income! See how Complete Marketing has helped small businesses exceed their marketing expectations!


Industry Leading
Pricing and Availability

Why Complete Marketing? Click here to compare our services. Highlights:

  • We charge less than our competitors (probably because...)
  • You pay no overhead, like Complete Marketing's office, health benefits, unemployment taxes, workers comp or travel costs.
  • Awesome availability: We’re available Mon-Sat, 8am - 10pm.
  • Over 20 years experience in marketing, web development, content research and writing and more!

Get Unparalleled Information
to Beat Your Competition

Knowledge IS power! Here's how we help you develop dynamic marketing strategies to better understand -- and beat -- your competition:

  • Get monthly updates, including dozens of details, about your digital marketing's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • View data on your competitors -- what they're doing, and not doing, with their online marketing.
  • Adjust your marketing accordingly.
  • Continue to monitor and perfect your marketing so, over time, you develop superiority in your industry.

Implement Proven Strategies
for Your Small Business

Get some free, timely small business marketing advice via our originally-written articles, or the whole archive. Then contact us to implement these strategies for your company!

Why Work With Complete Marketing?

1. Do It Yourself
Just to be competitive, you'll need several years of experience in marketing, web development, Search Engine Optimization, content research and writing, video production, digital advertising and social media strategy development.

2. Hire a Marketing Director
Pay at least $40,000 annually (plus benefits, etc) for someone with experience in all the above disciplines. Availability: 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

3. Work with an Agency
Pay thousands of dollars monthly to perform all the above tasks. Note: You'll also be paying a lot for overhead -- for example, their receptionist, site lease, health benefits, unemployment, utilities, etc. Availability: 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

Complete Marketing introduces a fourth -- and better -- option:

4. Work with a Virtual Marketing Director!
Outsource your marketing!


Compared with a typical marketing agency, you get:

  • Considerable experience in a broad range of specialties.
  • Just as many (and quite likely, more) services.
  • Greater availability (8am-10pm, Monday-Saturday).
  • Proactive -- not reactive -- communication from us on how to improve your marketing on a monthly basis.

You pay:

  • FAR less for than you would for a Marketing Director or agency.
  • No overhead!

Click here to see "How (and Why) the Right
Freelancers Can Make Your Startup Successful"

Compare Complete Marketing With Other Agencies

What do we do, and how do we do it? The chart below summarizes our operations and compares us with the typical marketing agency. (Several questions are based on articles about selecting the right small business marketing company, like this one).

Other Marketing Agencies

Complete Marketing

Others: Varies. Smaller firms will usually focus on web design or SEO. Larger ones tend to hire specialists, allowing them to specialize in many things.


CM: We specialize in one thing: Implementing marketing strategies with the highest possible ROI, period. We execute plans designed to attract people to, or effectively promote, your company online.


  • What are the steps you’ll take to create my marketing program? Varies by need and agency's specialization.
  • How do you learn about my industry and customers? Usually, very minimal (if any) study of your industry.
  • What data/tools do you use? Varies by need and agency's specialization. In terms of learning more about your company/industry, information is limited to what you tell them.
  • How often am I brought into the process? Usually throughout an entire process.
  • How often do you revisit the plan you create? Usually this is rare.



  • What are the steps you’ll take to create my marketing program? We spend as much time as possible in getting to know you, your competitors and industry. We then create a customized marketing plan for you. After this plan is fine-tuned, we execute it.
  • How do you learn about my industry and customers? We're pretty extensive, using a combination of interviews (of you) and performing a 40+ point competitive audit of your company and your competitors.
  • What data/tools do you use? Dozens of sources which, when combined, give us a tremendously detailed, thorough analysis of what it takes to beat your competition.
  • How often am I brought into the process? As often as you like. We also perform a monthly analysis of your online marketing efforts, providing you with easy-to-understand analysis and recommendations.
  • How often do you revisit the plan you created? Monthly, and more often if necessary. Every day, we are studying and evaluating new, effective marketing strategies and how they can be beneficial to our clients.

Others: Usually a team of people, often spearheaded by an account rep who serves as your main point of contact. So, you contact the rep, and they contact the appropriate team member.


CM: No more than two people: one who serves as an overall account rep and another who implements day-to-day blog/social media posting. You have our names, emails and cell phone numbers so you can contact them directly anytime during our business hours (see below).

Others: Often not a question that's answered proactively.


CM: We give you real-life testimonials here, along with case studies to demonstrate what we do and how we do it.

Others: You pay thousands of dollars per month, including agency's overhead:

  • Receptionist
  • Site lease
  • Health benefits
  • Unemployment
  • Utilities, etc.

You likely must pay extra for even minor changes to your website, social media, etc.


CM: We base our fees on the average hourly salary for whatever specialization(s) you need.  We'll even show you the online sources of our work.

You don't pay any of our overhead (we don't even have a receptionist or site lease).

That's why you pay FAR less for our services than you would with a typical marketing agency.

Others: Varies, but typically 10 or less years in any area of specialization.



  • Communication/Content Research and Writing (21 years)
  • Website Development (21 years)
  • Project Management (21 years)
  • Marketing (20 years)
  • Supervision (9 years)

Others: Most agencies have their own way of doing marketing. It's what they've done over the years, and have trained their staff to implement without significant deviation.


CM: We monitor approximately three dozen of the top digital marketing blogs, as well as current marketing industry strategies highlighted in newspapers and magazines across the country. We are very familiar with the cutting-edge strategies which return the maximum ROI to small businesses.

Others: How you contact them: Main agency phone number and account rep's email address.

Availability: Typically 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Weekends? Nope. Friday afternoons? 50/50 chance.


CM: How you contact us: You'll have our email addresses and personal cell phone numbers.

Availability: 9am-10pm, Monday through Saturday (excluding holidays).

Others: Because marketing agencies aren't subject matter experts, you're usually asked to do all the content research and writing yourself, which the marketing agency would then post on a website, blog or social media channel.

If you don't have thew time or experience to write, then writing tasks are typically outsourced to writers (which you pay extra for).


CM: We do it all:

  • Take the time to get to know your business, your competitors and your industry.
  • Research the content for your blog, social media, website and printed materials.
  • You edit/approve the content.
  • We post per your specifications.

If you'd like to write some articles, then we'd love to edit and/or post them for you.

Others: If there are any reports, they are usually in a set format with set data sources. You may need to pay extra for these reports, and more if you need these reports customized.


CM: We give you a thorough analysis of your digital marketing status on a monthly basis. These reports are free to our clients. Any customization is happily implemented at no extra charge.

Others: As many as possible.


CM: Fewer (so we can provide greater focus and attention to you).

Others: Agencies usually don't conduct a competitive audit of your industry right off the bat, so the answers to this question are typically cookie-cutter (usually Search Engine Optimization and/or online advertising).


CM: We conduct a thorough, 40-point digital marketing audit of you and your competitors. Together, we'll examine the audit's results and the recommendations based on the audit's findings. Nothing is cookie-cutter. Everything is customized and personalized.

Others: Typically, no.


CM: Yes. We signed a pledge to engage in ethical business practices, and to the concepts of honesty, integrity and quality in business (click here for details).

Our Services

With Complete Marketing, you get a breadth and depth of marketing services you likely can't find in a potential marketing director, and at a cost you won't get from your typical marketing company.

Here's a summary of what we do:


Inbound Marketing
(aka Digital or Modern Marketing)

The customer comes to you.
Usually has already expressed an interest in the same or similar products.
Marketer pulls/attracts audience with useful information, then converts them into lasting customers.
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Engagement
Targeted Pay-Per-Click Ads
Marketing Automation
Opt-In E-Mail Marketing
White Papers


Outbound Marketing
(aka Traditional Advertising)

You go to the customer.
A wide range of customers who may or may not be interested in the same or similar products.
Marketer pushes message via a "loud", one-sided conversation, hoping that their message will eventually reach potential customers.
Print Advertising
Radio Advertising
TV Advertising
Billboard Advertising
Banner Advertising
Press Releases
Direct Mail
Trade Shows


Reputation Management
(for an individual or business)

You close the distance between you and the customer.
Those who may be swayed by either positive or negative statements about you or your business.
Employ a combination of both inbound and outbound marketing -- and more -- to establish or improve your reputation.
Mission / Vision / Values / Goals
Competitive / Customer / Market Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Plan Development
Marketing Metrics Development
Strategic Partnerships & Alliances
Focus Groups/Surveys
Customer Feedback Systems
Promotional/Loyalty Programs

"Beyond Expectations" Results For Any Small Business

Complete Marketing helps turn dreams into profitable businesses, and profitable businesses into regional and even national leaders in their industry.

But don't take our word for it. We'd rather let our clients do that! Check out our case studies below...

Objective: Quickly establish a company's dominant, positive reputation on the internet.

Karl Krauss, Attorney

The Challenge: Quickly design, develop and launch a website in a highly competitive industry in a specific geographic area.
The Solution: "CM conducted a market analysis of similar law firms on the area and nation. They itemized their websites' best characteristics and incorporated them into a new website which would quickly catch people's attention and drive new business."
The Results: "New client calls started coming in very quickly after the website was launched."
The Bottom Line: "CM got the best of the best website design and content ideas in our industry, and synthesized them all into our website. They went beyond 'reputation management' to 'reputation dominance'! We got a return on our marketing investment very quickly."

Objective: Market a business using multiple channels so that it expands into multiple counties.

Jon Hill, Small Business Owner

The Challenge: "We needed a comprehensive marketing plan to be implemented which would increase our competitiveness in several counties. This marketing plan would also need to involve staff and even customers."
The Solution: "We developed and implemented a marketing plan which combined a new, cutting-edge website, targeted online advertising, consistent Search Engine Optimization strategies and heightened customer service outreach."
The Results: "Income has increased so much, that we needed to hire more staff! A year later, we opened a new store in Twin Falls. Shortly thereafter, we opened another store in Boise. All of them are profitable."
The Bottom Line: "We needed aggressive marketing on many fronts, and Complete Marketing has delivered in spades. As a result, we've gone from having two profitable stores to four profitable stores. Small business owners would be smart to work with Complete Marketing so their businesses could expand, too."

Objective: Transform a store's poor reputation into a stellar reputation within one year. Improve their standing against competitors.

Jerry Holbrook, Store Manager

The Challenge: Owner purchased a store with a poor reputation. Transform it into one with a nearly flawless reputation in as short of time as possible.
The Solution: "Complete Marketing worked us to implement a reputation management campaign focused on ascending up Google's search engine page ranks."
The Results: "We went from having an online Google rating of 2.3 to 4.0 in one year. We also ascended up search engine rankings, going from the top of page 3 to #3 on page 1. Revenues are doing terrific!"
The Bottom Line: "Complete Marketing has been a critical factor in helping to turn this store around into one of the top ones in our industry in the Treasure Valley! After helping us design a logo and even the store's exterior, Complete Marketing built a website and a highly effective online marketing program that's been very profitable. Complete Marketing's comprehensive reputation management program worked better than we anticipated!"

Objective: Grow an existing business beyond expectations.

Paul "PK" King, Insurance Agent/Broker

The Challenge: "Although our marketing was going well, (1) we faced stiff competition in our own area and (2) we were ready to take it to a higher level -- especially our website. So, we needed a marketing expert, a webmaster, a content writer and graphic artist without having to pay big advertising/marketing fees."
The Solution: "Complete Marketing sat down with us to understand our competitive landscape and goals. They created a new logo, a new website (that looks good on smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop), and researches, writes and maintains our blog -- something most webmasters can't or won't do. They also enabled new technology on our website that allows us to know when someone's visiting our website and to contact the website visitor in real time."
The Results: "In just our first year with Complete Marketing,

  • Website visitors increased 250%.
  • Website pageviews shot up an incredible 500%!
  • We're ranked #1 in over a dozen key search engine criteria.
  • We're either holding steady or (in most cases) improving in other search criteria against fierce competition.
  • Website changes are usually made in hours, not days or weeks.
  • We've experienced an increased number of calls (and sales) directly as a result of Complete Marketing's online marketing strategies."

The Bottom Line: "Complete Marketing has given us tremendous value while exceeding our expectations."

Objective: Turn a market niche into a nationally-sold retail product.

Jeri McFarlane, Inventor

The Challenge: In 2011, my husband and I developed an innovative way to store quart and pint glass jars. It had never been done before. It was our baby. But we needed a way to not only effectively market it, but to also help make it profitable.
The Solution: We contacted Complete Marketing and asked them to put together a marketing plan; it was done in days. We needed a website; it was done in a week. We needed marketing materials; they were created in days and weeks. We needed a photos, sales portfolios, product testimonials, magazine ads, Electronic Data Interchange procedures, advice negotiating with nationwide retailers, social media accounts, e-mail campaigns, display materials and a hundred other things to help get us effectively launched and profitable. They were all done quickly and almost always ahead of our expectations. Complete Marketing traveled anywhere and did anything it took to help us effectively launched.
The Results: Within the span of a few months, we were actively negotiating with major regional retailers -- two years ahead of our expectations! We're now found in True Value Hardware stores, Tractor Supply Company, Bi-Mart, Menards and other retailers...with more being added. I can't believe this all started with an idea, and now "our baby" is found coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada.
The Bottom Line: Complete Marketing used many marketing strategies most webmasters haven't even considered. In less than a year, we went from having a concept to becoming nationwide retailers. Incredible!

Objective: Transform a hobby into a profitable, brand new business.

Alan & Wendi Greenhalgh, Owners, fishing tackle company

The Challenge: "We make customized fishing lures specifically for kokanee and trout. From Day 1, we knew we had a viable product, but we needed to find a way to market this product nationwide. We needed a small business marketing expert in our corner."
The Solution: "Complete Marketing performed an in-depth competitive analysis that showed us where our competitors' strengths and weaknesses were. It also built our website with an online store and a blog which we maintain. Whenever we need advice or help (even if it's in the evenings or a Saturday), Complete Marketing is more than happy to take our call."
The Results: "When we started our company in 2012, it was more-or-less a paid hobby. But the marketing proceeded so well, we started selling our lures in area fishing stores. As marketing expanded and more fishermen discovered our lures, more stores started selling them. Today, our products are being sold in small and large regional and even national sporting goods stores. These include Cabellas, Bass Pro Shops and Sportsman's Warehouse, from the Washington State to New Hampshire. Then in early 2014, the growth of our company allowed me (Alan) to quit my full-time day job and continue building this company full-time!"
The Bottom Line: "We're grateful and humbled to be an American success story, and Complete Marketing has been with us every step of the way. Their assistance and advice has been invaluable."

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