Why I’m not a big Yelp (and Google ratings) fan.

Yelp and Google+ are perhaps the two top online ratings services on the internet. Ratings which consumers post on their services not only affect a company’s search engine standings, they can either make or break a company.

Case in point: a company named Gempro. Over a nine-month stretch, it made over $738K in profits — not bad. Then one woman with an agenda came along, pummeled the business with negative reviews, and essentially killed the company…because of a misunderstanding, which the company made good on.

Go do your own research. You’ll see tons of real-life stories that prove it’s easier to adjust the moon’s orbit than to get Google+ and Yelp to yank an illegitimate review, or  reversing clearly malicious reviews. I’ve seen it happen first-hand with companies I know.

Until these ratings services are willing to consider these unique circumstances, I’ll remain a one-star fan of them.