New and improved website

Today, Complete Marketing Solutions began using a new, innovative website platform for its website.

Snaplitics is a quick, painless, comprehensive, inexpensive platform to create, host and optimize your website. Snaplitics beats the snot out of all other website platforms I’ve researched (which is all of them). Here’s why I made the quantum leap up to Snaplitics:

  • Annual hosting costs just dropped 28%.
  • New SSL certificate at no extra cost (a $75 value).
  • Proprietary caching software enables instantaneous site loading times.
  • Online store at no extra cost (saves me hundreds of $$$; unlimited number of products, 0% sales transaction fee).
  • Easy drag and drop front end interface. WordPress back end. So easy to use, I may sit down with my 10 year-old and have him build websites.
  • Tons of add-ons. They’re drag and drop, too.
  • Mobile responsive.
  • Tremendous emphasis by Snaplitics on optimization.

Bottom line: the Snaplitics website is now less expensive, (was) easier to build and (is) easier to maintain, and pulls up significantly faster, even though I’ve moved all my pages (except my blog) onto one page.

I’m getting more — quicker, better, faster, easier — for less cost!